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Grab a warm beverage, light your favourite candle, cuddle up in your coziest sweater, and stay a while. This website, my music, my writing, and nearly everything that I do is meant to be an invitation to turn inwards – a gentle nudge encouraging you to take the time to simply be with yourself, exploring. Inspired by my own continued path of self-discovery and healing, my work involves sharing what I have found to be helpful and true, to aid you along on your own journey.

Having struggled with alcohol abuse, a lack of direction and purpose, long periods of depression, and a painful relationship with my own creativity for so many years, it is my hope that through my reflections – whether that be in my blog, talks or songs – I might be able to help you make some sense of the inner chaos. To know and trust that no matter what happens in the external world and in our day to day lives, that you will be okay, you will do what is needed to ensure your mental health and well-being is taken care of, and, to deeply know, like and love yourself even when it feels really hard to do. 

The journey inwards may feel overwhelming, but venturing into the depths of our own inner world can lead us toward the freedom we long for.

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Transition Phases

Dealing with the Difficulty of Transition

Have you ever experienced the feeling like you’ve got one foot in one place and the other somewhere else? Like part of you is the you that you’ve gotten to know this last little while, and the other part is feeling mysterious and unfamiliar? Here are 3 helpful things to know and consider.

5 Ways My Journal Practice Connects Me to My Inner Self (& My Creativity)

Self-reflection has the potential to be seriously potent. Without this skill, we just end up plowing through life without much consideration for why and how and even what is happening. Without self-reflection and self-awareness, you might hold the belief that everything is just happening to you and you’ve got no say in the matter.



Like Water (the single) is now available for streaming on your favourite streaming platform! Listen here.

+ The full EP is available for purchase via my website!

The full EP won’t be on Spotify or other streaming platforms until April 22nd, 2020. 

Purchasing the album directly from me or via my website is the very best way for you to support me and my work. And, it is so very appreciated!

Thank you to all who have supported me thus far!


Carissa Kimbell Like Water

About the EP

“Like Water” is a collection of songs reflecting the journey of deep self-discovery. The songs explore our relationship to water – a psychological symbol of that which is unconscious or hidden – and seeks to honour its mysterious healing power and all-consuming weight. Asking us to acknowledge and face our pain, water invites us to dive in and explore parts of ourselves that are not yet conscious in order to take ownership over our lives. A difficult process where the threat of drowning at times is all too real, “Like Water” offers honest and heartfelt songs about one woman’s decision to swim in the deep waters of the Self in search of freedom and control.

a little bit About Me

Through music and writing I tell stories about the inherent challenges that we face in the lifelong pursuit of wellness, creativity and personal growth. I’m a proponent of going to the deep and hidden places inside ourselves to get to the root of our problems, and enjoy finding connections in things seemingly unrelated. I love seeing what I’m capable of and helping and encouraging others to do the same.

To learn more about my journey visit the About page. 

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